12-09-2016 11:07:48 AM EST

Allentown Antique Toy Show: Annual Visit with Friends and Dealers

This is a great local show that I have been attending for over twenty years now. Carter's is in touch with many dealers that participate in the show including friend Rich K. pictured here in front of his booth. Keeping in touch with folks here helps us keep up on the current marketplace for 19th and 20th century toys that, on occasion, are still found in our clients' basements and attics. 


Fun Finds - Antique Photos

I was recently working with an estate that had a few old photos in their “toss” pile and I just could not let them go! Many old photos are not really worth much but they all tell a story of times past. Keep an eye out for categories such as sports, antique vehicles and historic military photos for photos of potential value.  




Workshop - Before and After

We handle clean ups and clean outs of all different types of workshops. This job was simply removing many years of scrap wood accumulation by a woodworker who had recently retired from his craft.



What's It Worth? Antique Sleigh

This beautiful sleigh is reported to be over 100 years old, is in mostly complete condition, and would only require a light restoration to make it look fresh again. Values of antique sleighs vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on many different factors, but most importantly condition, manufacturer, and design.






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11-13-2016 3:03:12 PM EST

Carter's Hauls Thanksgiving Bags

Carter’s hauled 66 “Thanksgiving Bags” to the Doylestown Food Pantry helping locals in need. The special bags were donated by local Bucks County Association of Realtor agents and put together by many of the realtors and affiliate committee members. If you would like to learn how to support The Bucks County Housing Group's Food Pantries you can find more information at: http://www.bchg.org/services.html



How We Stay Green - Cancelled Checks - Destroy or Recycle?

Many of our clients have boxes of old cancelled checks (though generally not nearly fifty years old as seen in this picture from a recent client). If the bank no longer exists, accounts have long been shut down, and addresses are no longer accurate you are probably safe to simply recycle these documents. If you have any concerns with personal information from more recent accounts professional shredding may be appropriate and we can help.


Living Room Sorting Area - Before and After

This scene may look chaotic but it is typical of an area we use for general sorting of items in a household to keep, donate, discard, recycle and sell.  Once we help people cut through the clutter and find new homes for all of their unwanted items we leave the sorting area broom-swept clean.




Can You Guess What This Is?

This is one of the most interesting items we have come across over the years and are curious if any of our subscribers can guess it’s era and purpose. The first subscriber to guess correctly will win a Wawa Gift Card. Email us at: ccesales@comcast.net.





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10-25-2016 2:44:22 PM EST

Barn Before and After - Tons of Stuff Reclaimed!!!

 This was one of our most challenging projects to date due to the significant accumulation of items over the past 75 plus years in this multi-tiered barn.  Although this may look like a bunch of junk to many, a significant number of antique doors, windows, farm implements, tools and other items were salvaged and sold by one of our auction partners for the client. 



Preparing for Auction - Salvaging The Past.

This picture shows organization for an onsite online auction for a recent client.  Picture # 2 depicts a “load-out” by a buyer of a number of “lots” from the auction.



Storage Room Purge - Are you In Between Moves?

We assisted a repeat client, currently living with a friend, purge a  large 10’ by 30’ indoor storage unit.  A number of items had been packed quickly by movers and deposited in the unit. We removed winter clothing, office files, small furniture and other needed items that had been buried for months.




What’s It Worth? Vintage 7up Machine

This nearly 50 year-old coin operated 7up machine recently sold for $80.00 at auction.  It is in unknown working order, needs light restoration, includes the original key and was sitting in an old barn for many years.  Functional machines of this brand with better cosmetics from this era can sell for $300.00 and up.






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09-22-2016 8:41:36 PM EST

Heavy Jobs - Need a Dumpster? We Can help

Carters Home Downsizing Fun Finds

Carter’s can provide, through our trash hauling partners, a number of different size dumpsters ranging from a restaurant type 8 cubic yard can to a giant 40 cubic yard receptacle.  We have the means to assist with jobs large and small and can help unbury you from years of household accumulation.  



Massive Basement Cleanout - Losts of Debris? We Can Handle It.

Carters Home Downsizing Heavy Items

This was a recent project where I received assistance from my colleague Hugh Marshall of Hugh Marshall Landscape and his awesome team.  A significant amount of what was found in this jam-packed basement was recycled, re-used, donated or sent to auction.  




Pre-packing Books to Keep and Donate

Carters Home Downsizing Recycling Paper

 No...those are not several years supply of Corn Flakes, but boxes of books I pre-packed to open up space in a client’s office making the room look bigger, brighter and more marketable.




What’s It Worth? Industrial Barn Pulley

Carters Home Downsizing Whats It WorthThis cast iron and wood barn pulley is still fully functional and has a very large study hook - Great for either display or use in a rustic setting. 

Value Range: $45.00 - $125.00




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08-15-2016 9:44:03 AM EST

Fun Finds - Commercial Hair Dryer

Carters Home Downsizing Fun Finds

I am sure you'll be quick to see the irony of this photo of me sitting under an old commercial hair dryer.  This was one of the last items to be removed from a local client’s basement prior to a move to a smaller home. Perhaps it may be used in the future as a theater prop.  You never know what we are going to find next!



Heavy Jobs - Oven Removal

Carters Home Downsizing Heavy Items

Be it one unruly large item like this, or a household full, we can help get things cleaned up before, during or after your home is marketed to be sold.




Paper Recycling - Too Much Paperwork? 

Carters Home Downsizing Recycling Paper

We recently removed several dozen boxes of non-confidential paperwork and hundreds of old magazines to be recycled.  My weight estimate of this haul was over half a ton!


What’s It Worth? Chiropractic Wall Plaque

Carters Home Downsizing Whats It WorthThis interesting mid-century advertising piece is bronze in color but actually made out of aluminum 

Value Range: $175.00 to $350.00 




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07-19-2016 3:19:29 PM EST

Trash Pickers Are Our Friends

Carters Home Downsizing

We recently assisted clients with pieces that were garage sale leftovers and worn household items not suitable for donation, but in many cases still “salvageable”.  The good news was that they lived on a busy street with lots of cars passing by to view their giveaway items.  Over 80% of the items in this picture were claimed by motorists before the end of the day including the old bed!!



Light Demo in a 150 Year Old House

This is not something I do every day, but following removal of debris in the basement of an antique house in Doylestown I personally handled the demolition of five sets of old moldy wooden shelves.  We are here to help with all kinds of home downsizing projects and if it is not something we cover we can refer you to any number of our trusted referral partners.



Furniture For Auction 

Carters Home DownsizingCarter’s sells or helps coordinate the sale of many client's items of value.  We work with numerous re-sellers including antique and used furniture dealers, estate sale professionals and several local auction houses. In this particular situation, per our agent’s request, we placed extra furniture in a client’s barn that was later sold by an auctioneer.



What’s It Worth? Randall Stickney Thickness Gauge

Carters Home Downsizing Limoges Teapot Whats it worthThis antique machinist’s tool is in very good cosmetic and functional condition with the exception of a light crack in the gauge bezel. It makes for a nice conversation piece or desk décor. 

Value Range: $50.00 to $100.00 




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06-10-2016 3:10:07 PM EST

Major Bedroom Purge

Carters Home Downsizing

Can’t find the bed? Neither could I! – Here are before and after pictures of a recently deceased client’s extra bedroom that simply became a heavily cluttered storage area over the past few years. As you can see it was filled with clothes, knick-knacks, paperwork, shoes, blankets and numerous other household items. We were able to remove and donate many pieces from this room. The 50 year old mattress and box spring were discarded. Look at the beautiful hardwood floors found hiding underneath!



Bathroom Unburied

This bathtub was used as a storage bin – Found in the back wing of a historic house we recently sorted was a bathroom that had been un-used for several decades. The entire room had become a storage area for 1970’s and 1980’s magazines and old books that were, unfortunately, destroyed by the elements and years of visits by small furry guests.



Scary Clown 

Carters Home DownsizingFun gift from a recent client – I helped a former client again this Spring with some final downsizing prior to setting up and conducting a very successful on-site estate sale for them. This is a great little decorative paper-mache clown manufactured by Rolly Toys in Germany they gifted me from about 1950 with cracks, crazing and an amazing patina. It now decorates my office. 




What’s It Worth? Vintage Fire Truck Siren

Carters Home Downsizing Limoges Teapot Whats it worth

Vintage 12 Volt Federal Fire Truck Signal Siren in unrestored condition –

Value Range: $250.00 to $400.00 and higher in restored or better used condition




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05-26-2016 8:36:36 PM EST

Carter's Hauls Donations on RED Day

Carters Home Downsizing

RED DAY – (Renew, Energize, and Donate) is an event  in honor of Mo Anderson, vice chairman of the board, Keller Williams Realty International. Held annually, on the second Thursday in May, tens of thousands of KW associates participate in a vast array of projects, devoting their time to renewing and energizing the communities in which they live and work. Carter’s Home Downsizing helped the cause this year by hauling a cargo van load of gently used household items donated by Keller Williams agents from the Doylestown office where Carter’s has been a preferred vendor for a number of years. Carter’s owner/operator Court Ebeling is shown in this photo with Keller Williams super agent Nancy Williams unloading donations for local charity Worthwhile Thrift in Pipersville on Red Day.


Donation Partners Good Stuff Thrift

Carter’s frequently works with our friends at Good Stuff Thrift. This photo shows us loading furniture, clothing, knick-knacks and many other items we packed, boxed and documented for a local client.




Great Items to Give Family and Friends

Carters Home DownsizingKeep your old photos in a safe dry place so they don’t end up looking like this!  While helping a local client with a downsizing project we removed albums of photographs from a box on the floor of a damp basement that looked like this. Photographs do not handle extreme heat or dampness well and should be stored in an area of the home that does not experience humid air or severe temperature change. 



What’s It Worth? Taxidermy Fish Mount

Carters Home Downsizing Limoges Teapot Whats it worth

Taxidermy Fish Mount – This large fish (believed to be a pompano) was prepared, stuffed and mounted approximately 40 years ago. Values can vary widely depending on the size, type and quality of finish.

Value Range: $50.00 to $200.00 and higher for larger and more desirable specimens



04-24-2016 8:16:58 AM EST
Carters Home Downsizing

Largest Sorting Job Ever! - 150 plus boxes reduced to 20
Carter’s recently helped a local client with over 150 boxes and bins in their attic. We moved them to the garage for sorting and purging to make room for some remodeling.  Here is a photo of this job before we got started.  We reduced the number of storage containers down to 20 from the original 150 plus boxes, partially filled a dumpster with unwanted trash, and then delivered two cargo van loads of donations to our friends at Good Stuff Thrift.  A number of old keepsakes were put aside and a few interesting unwanted items sold.

Carters Home Downsizing


Carters Home Downsizing

Realtors - Stuck with a Hoarding Situation? 
There are many different degrees of hoarding and we help families in many different types of situations with very heavy household accumulation.  Some scenarios are more challenging than others.  The key is having support from family members to help get the hoarder through letting go of their unwanted and unneeded items.  These photos depict before and after shots of a very heavily cluttered room in a beautiful old farmhouse where we recently assisted the executor of an estate.

Carters Home Downsizing


Carters Home Downsizing Workshop Clean Up - Is Your Work Space Overloaded with Stuff?
Here are a couple of examples of workshop clean-ups we have recently completed.  Basements and work areas are usually on the bottom of everyone’s to-do list and we can help with projects both big and small.
Carters Home Downsizing
Carters Home Downsizing

What’s It Worth?  Figural Andirons
This unique pair of brass figural andirons, although quite striking, are not originals. We are aware that decorative pieces were removed from the heads of both.

Value Range: $350.00 to $750.00



03-19-2016 11:30:53 PM EST

Trusted Referral Partners: Mold Detection and Remediation Specialists

Carters Home DownsizingMold Detection & Remediation Specialists, Inc. is a family-owned environmental service company that specializes in mold inspections, mold testing and mold remediation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Carter’s Home Downsizing first met Angela Yost, of Mold Detection, through the Bucks County Association of Realtors, of which Angela has been an active affiliate member for over five years. Mold Detection’s priority is providing their clients with safe and healthy homes, while educating the homeowners as much as possible throughout the process. If you have mold-related questions or concerns of mold in your home, Angela Yost & the Mold Detection team are here as a resource for you. Website: RemoveTheMold.com; E-mail: Angela@RemoveTheMold.com ; PA Office: 215-804-1077; NJ Office: 609-457-1134


How We Stay Green - Aluminum Water Bottles

I am a big proponent of using aluminum water bottles over the purchase of water in recyclable plastic bottles for a number of reasons. The main reason is because I like to make choices to benefit the planet. Statistics show that 60 billion tons of plastic waste is generated every year. This waste wreaks havoc on marine life and waterfowl. With five of us in the household using aluminum bottles we are doing our part to help to stay green. Imagine the plastic waste our family alone would generate drinking a gallon of water a day each! The bottles we use are odor resistant, protect the water from light and keep water fresh longer. Aside from these facts I just like the way they look. Although they are shock and deformation-resistant they do get a few dings here and there and I find that just adds to their character. The next time you think about buying bottled water why not try going green and put that money towards a reusable bottle.


Great Items to Give Family and Friends

Carters Home DownsizingDo you have any college bound children or grand-children that could use any of your extra kitchen related products and accessories including china, glassware, flatware and small appliances?  We always say family and friends first when it comes to liquidating functional but low-value items that need a new home. Be it a grandchild living off campus in an apartment or getting situated in their first condo, townhouse or home or a daughter-in-law already established seeking that heirloom china set.  We also find that many times the kids will often be happy to inherit Grandpa’s old tools and in some cases unwanted pieces of furniture which can often be updated or modernized with a fresh coat of paint.  



What’s It Worth?    Limoges Teapot

Carters Home Downsizing Limoges Teapot Whats it worth

This is a very pretty Limoges Teapot made in France and more apt to be a decorative piece in today’s world than functional accessory.

Value Range: $50 - $300 depending on era and style





02-16-2016 5:43:29 PM EST

Do You Really Need a Storage Unit?

This is a question we pose to our clients all of the time. There are pros and cons to renting a storage unit, cube or locker. Carter's believes that using a storage facility makes sense in some circumstances but not in others. If your house sells quicker than you anticipated and you have nowehere to put yhour belongings, or, if you will be out of the country for a specific amount of time are good examples of when a unit should be rented. If you simply have not taken the time to purge unwanted items you can liquidate you may be spending more money on monthly rental fees over time than the value of the contents inside. Do the math when you are consdiering a storage unit to determine if it makes sense economically. Remember, if you can easily and affordably replace things planned for a storage locker it may be better to sell, donate or give them away than to pay the rent which can get into thousands of dollars every year depending on the unit's size and facility.


Client Spotlight - Storage Unit Reduction

Carters Home DownsizingCarter's has helped numerous individuals and families that have had an overflow of belongings in one or more storage units. Sometimse clients require moving power and we call in our associates at Mooneys' Movers based in Warminster, PA. Our client Stewart Low is the most recent customer we assisted by reducing the contents of a former home found in three storage units down to one. We completed a purge of two untis at one storage facility and with the assistance of Mooneys' combined them into one at another. The contents of this unit was then divided into two sections - items to stay and items to go into a new home.


What Items Can’t Be Replaced?

We always suggest that if you own something that can't be easily replaced and it means a lot to you to think twice before letting it go. Some of the more common items that fall into this category include family heirloom jewelry, watches, vintage family photographs, artwork and other items that might carry sentimental value.  





What’s It Worth?    Antique Bicycle Cup

This is a very pretty, but common example of a vintage folding bicycle cup made out of metal. Most cups of this era were made out of a base metal and in some instances silverplate. We would place this item under our fun finds category and not a valuable antique.

Value Range: $10.00 to $40.00




01-18-2016 2:59:58 PM EST

No One Wants My Piano

Carters Home Downsizing PianoWe frequently work with folks who no longer have a use for their old piano.  In many cases these pianos have been sitting for many years without being maintained and, unfortunately, the cost of moving or discarding them surpasses what they are actually worth.  It often makes sense to have a qualified piano technician/appraiser inspect the instrument first to determine if it is worth moving and/or selling.  It is also highly recommended that you use a certified piano mover for proper and safe handling of the instrument if you are moving, selling or giving it away.  We recently received assistance from one of our referral partners in dismantling and removing an old upright, that no longer had any value, from a damp basement.  We also recommend www.pianoadoption.com for those willing to donate their piano to a new home.


The Challenges of Downsizing and Moving my Mom

My clients often ask me “What does your home look like?”and “Have you downsized your parent’s residence yet?”  Well…with three teenage sons, three cats and two dogs, keeping up with clutter has become a daily chore for my wife and I. 

Carters Home Downsizing Moving my MomMy Mom sadly passed away this past May at the age of 85. She had been diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s several years ago.  Although my sister and I had already started liquidating the contents of our family home after my father’s death ten years prior, it still became a monumental task and was an important reminder to me of how different it is to sort through and dispose of one’s own family possessions. To add to our challenge, the family home was in Virginia, mine in Pennsylvania and my sister’s in Connecticut. In order to simplify the process, we decided to divide and conquer. I focused on handling the physical downsizing of the house while my sister worked on preparing my mother to move into a retirement community closer to both our families. After this initial move there was a sense of relief in knowing that the bulk of the family’s downsizing had been accomplished. It felt good to know that we were able to successfully find new “homes” for our family’s possessions. Although many of the larger pieces were sold at auction it was also nice to be able to donate many of the items or rehome them with friends who found special meaning in being able to have a keepsake of ours. My mother was also able to keep those pieces that meant the most to her. A few months after the move, however, the downsizing process continued as my Mom’s health rapidly declined. Over the course of the next two years we moved her three more times within two different facilities in order for her to receive the proper care. Every move required another purge and each time we found ourselves selling, donating and giving away more unneeded items. With each piece that left there were mixed emotions. We felt sad to lose these objects with so many memories attached to them, but at the same time happy that they would find a good home with someone else. Surprisingly, my sister and I were both good about letting go. Perhaps this was because we had several years to go through the process. I felt fortunate that as the owner/operator of a home downsizing business I had the knowledge and resources to find new homes for all her unwanted “stuff”. I can honestly say that I could never have prepared myself mentally for the long road of “letting go” without the support of my loving family.


Realtors - Do Your Client Need Help De-Cluttering?

Carters Home Downsizing Decluttering PurgingCarter’s assists seniors and the children of seniors that are preparing to move with multiple home downsizing services that include de-cluttering, sorting, selling, donating, packing, un-packing, shredding, hazmat removal, full and partial house clean-outs and much more. Carter's is now celebrating its 6th year in business helping individuals and families with TOO MUCH STUFF. We provide on-site consultations to our prosepctive clients where we learn more about their time-line, goals and scope of the project prior to putting a working plan into place. Pelase contact us today if you are ready to simplify your life. Contact us at 215.794.8585 or email us at ccesales@comcast.net.



What's It Worth?

Cinnabar Horse What it is worth


Cinnabar Horse inlaid with turquoise stones.  Value Range: $1,500 - $2,000 and potentially greater due to the detailed craftsmanship and age of this particular piece.






12-19-2015 11:12:42 AM EST

How We Stay Green – Proper Paint Disposal Techniques

Carters Home Downsizing Paint DisposalClick here for Proper Paint Disposal Techniques - Paint can be a challenge to dispose of properly especially if you have many years of accumulated cans in your basement, garage or shed. Oil-based paint must be saved for your annual hazardous waste disposal drop-off events, however, you can handle disposal of latex-based paints by yourself if desired. First find a safe uncluttered space to work in free of pets and children. Place the paint cans on a sturdy table or card table. Open the lids and mix in either cat litter or shredded paper. Leave the lid open for a couple of weeks to dry before discarding. Don't want to handle this messy job? Contact Carter's for help!



Friends of Carters – Another Great Arrangement from Mom’s Flower Shoppe

Moms Flower ShoppeCarter’s is a big supporter of local businesses and Mom's Flower Shoppe is one of our favorites. Owner and friend Liz Binninger has provided our friends, family members and clients with many beautiful arrangements. Mom's Flower Shoppe has been voted "Best in Bucks" 2011, 2013 and 2015, and also Best of Bucks Happening several times. Whether it's a Birthday or a large party; a Wedding or Anniversary; a sympathy or a "Just Because", Mom's does it all! They specialize in custom floral arrangements for any occasion and budget. They take pride in their customer service and satisfaction in their unique and long lasting flower arrangements. Mom's Flower Shoppe is located at 2140 York Rd. Jamison PA 18929 (215) 491-7890. Email: Liz@momsflowershoppe.com www.momsflowershoppe.com 


Monthly Tip – What Type of Books May be Donated?

Carters Home Downsizing Book DonationsDo you have any hardback, softcover fiction or non-fiction books that you can donate? Most charitable organizations take books in good condition and would be happy to receive your donations. As a rule of thumb old encyclopedias, text books, work manuals and related publications are not accepted as most have become obsolete with the advent of the internet. Books that have broken spines, torn pages or other excessive wear should be recycled or discarded. 




For What It’s Worth – 1920’s Buick Radiator Cap

Carters Home Downsizing Buick Radiator CapThis is a nice example of a 1928 Buick radiator cap mounted onto a marble base for decorative purposes. It can be used as a paperweight, bookend or simply for display. Value Range: $250.00 to $350.00 





11-23-2015 9:25:06 AM EST

How We Stay Green – Recycling Old Barn Wood

Recycling Barn Wood

We recently worked with a client to help sort and recycle old barn wood.  Select pieces were put aside for craftsmen to use for repurposing projects and the rest was loaded into a dumpster and recycled by our trash disposal partners.





Friend of Carters - Please Help Support Local Charity Wrapping Presence

BCAR ExpoCarter’s is a big supporter of the local charity Wrapping Presence.  Founded by Marne Kies Dietterich in memory of her parents who spent their last years in a nursing home,  this special program brings the hubbub of the holidays back into the lives of homebound residents.  “Wrapping Buddy” volunteers set up multi-themed shops, play vintage holiday music, pass homemade cookies, and help residents select gifts for their family and friends.   All gifts and services for Wrapping Presence are donated.  There is no cost to the “shoppers” or to the facility.  In 2014, the organization provided and wrapped more than 6000 holiday gifts for the loved ones of over 1200 residents living in 20 Delaware Valley nursing homes and VA facilities. Wrapping Presence is supported by a growing corps of 750 dedicated volunteers.  To learn more about Wrapping Presence and how you can help this great charity log on to: www.wrappingpresence.org


Heavy Jobs - Carter's Removes Old Mattresses for Clients

Unless they are virtually brand new most mattresses and box springs are not suitable or acceptable for donation. We haul them away to be disposed of as needed.





For What It’s Worth – Sterling Silver Inkwell

This is a nice example of a sterling silver inkwell although unmarked is probably of English origin. 

Value Range: $400.00 to $750.00





10-14-2015 1:34:44 PM EST

How We Stay Green – Another edition of Recycling for Art from Carter’s

Recycling for Art

Here is another oddball item that we put aside for our artisan friends at Don’t Toss It.  If it can be salvaged, reused or repurposed we do our best to keep it out of a landfill and put it into the hands of someone who can give it a new life.




Carter’s BCAR EXPO – A big Thank You to all of our Realtor friends who stopped by our booth.

BCAR ExpoWe have been affiliate members of the Bucks County Association of Realtors for five years now and participated in BCAR’s annual EXPO last week.  Here we get to meet with many of our local realtor friends both old and new who refer business to us in Bucks, Montgomery and other local counties.




Monthly Tip - When is the best time to clean out the attic?

There is generally a fairly short window of opportunity in Pennsylvania to work in an attic when it is not either extremely hot or freezing cold.  Early April or October are generally the most comfortable times to sort and purge an attic.  Please call us today if you need any assistance cleaning out many years of household debris from this space – We handle these jobs year-round so you do not have to sweat it. 

Here are before and after photos of a recent job where our next step will be to remove the old rugs on the floor.


For What It’s Worth – What’s trash and what can turn into cash?

Many time our clients put items aside for us that they believe have value.  National Geographics are a perfect example of a category of items that unless you go back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s are worth very little to collectors.





09-17-2015 9:50:44 AM EST

How We Stay Green – Recycling Canning Jars

We recently helped a client with dozens of canning jars and were able to pass them on to a neighbor who will use them to preserve jams, fruits and vegetables this winter. The number of items that can be re-used, recycled and re-purposed are endless. 




Client Spotlight 

Ross is a client I have helped at both his home and business with multiple home downsizing services. We first began working together three years ago after meeting at a local business networking group. Ross was the sole caregiver for his mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s until her passing in 2009. I assisted Ross at his mother’s home tackling over fifty years of household accumulation, sorting, selling, recycling, preparing shredding, organizing and much more. We recently finished additional sessions at his office clearing many years of old business files which we divided into documents for shredding and files for paper recycling. In this picture I took of Ross, he is preparing to recycle non-confidential documents including old trade magazines, company brochures and out-of-date business flyers. Ross wrote a book about his mom entitled My Million Dollar Mom. He is now working on an independent feature film based on the book. To learn more about the film project and the book please link to  www.mymilliondollarmom.com.


Heavy Jobs - Carter's receives assistance with a shed demo 

Our colleagues at Hugh Marshall Landscape, Inc. help our clients from time to time with more labor-intensive projects like dismantling this old rusting metal shed near the river in Yardley and leave the sorting, purging and de-cluttering to us.




What's It Worth? Carved Wooden Figural Bottle Stoppers 

Here is a fun and affordable collectible with countless styles and motifs that is also a functional item. Many of these bottle stoppers were produced by the Italian wood carving company ANRI and can be found on ebay or at your local antique or flea market.

Value range $10.00 - $100.00 each




08-26-2015 7:55:06 AM EST

How We Stay Green – Clothing Donations.

Carters Home Downsizing

One of the most popular and helpful items to donate to those in need is clothing. Most people do not realize that more than 70% of clothing donations do not make it on to the retail sales floor of any charitable organization. This is due to fabrics being faded, ripped, torn, stretched, stained, worn or simply out-of-style. No need to worry though as many organizations work with fabric recyclers that keep un-sellable clothing out of landfills. Carter's works exclusively with donation centers that participate in these types of programs. 


Monthly Tip - We Can Help With Shredding.  

Carters Home Downsizing

We frequently assist our clients with certified destruction of old tax records, bank statements, credit card receipts and other documents of a personal and confidential manner. Identity theft is on the rise and we are here to help combat this problem by helping our clients with this service.



Heavy Jobs - Our Recent Record Breaking Trip to the Dump!  

Carters Home Downsizing

We often surprise our clients with the amount of refuse and recycling we remove from their homes and can fit into the Carter’s company cargo van. This is what one vanload and 2300 pounds of trash looks like from an old stone Bucks County Farmhouse recently offloaded at our local trash transfer station.



What's It Worth? Glass Mannequin Heads.  

These life size glass mannequin heads are still manufactured as props and often vary in color and design. Heads produced in different shades of blue are usually most popular. There are many reproductions of the heads available and most can be purchased betweeen $25.00 and $30.00. They are generally used for displaying wigs and hats in retail store settings but are often used simply for decorative purposes and may also be found at antique stores and flea markets.

Glass Mannequin Heads shown: Value range $15 - $75 each



07-23-2015 1:07:04 PM EST

How We Stay Green – Eyeglasses for The Lions.  

Carters Home Downsizing

Carter’s frequently donates eyeglasses. We work with several Realtor friends that are members of The Lions Club helping people around the world that benefit from donations of gently used eyeglasses. These donations are easy to make and can be dropped off and shipped to numerous locations. Click here for the Lions Eyeglasses recycling information.




Before and After – Let Us Help You Get Your Car Back in the Garage.













Here are before and after pictures of a recent garage clean-out that was part of a full-scale home downsizing project.  In this particular case a large percentage of what was in the garage ended up being donated or recycled.  Call us today if you would like to get your car back into the garage!


Heavy Jobs – We Recently Removed a 308 Pound Bathtub!  

Carters Home Downsizing

This isn’t something we see every day.  As part of a larger project downsizing a 180 year old Bucks County stone farmhouse we removed a 308 pound vintage bathtub from an adjoining old barn.  Unfortunately the legs were broken off and the enamel severely chipped and damaged so off to the recycling center it went.




What's It Worth? Vintage Stereo and Audio Equipment - ASHLY Four Band Parametric Equalizer  

Carters Home Downsizing

Keep an eye out for higher end vintage stereo equipment with names like Fisher, Marantz, McIntosh and Harmon Kardon. Prices of certain pieces of equipment are being fueled by collectors that still have a passion for vinyl records and a wave of nostalgia for simpler times before digital music. ASHLY Four Band Parametric Equalizer - Value Range depending on model and condition: $150 - $450.





06-17-2015 8:44:58 PM EST

How We Stay Green: Using Recycled Cardboard Boxes

We work with suppliers that provide used and recycled boxes that are used for packing donations, items for family members and often even to be moved.  This reduces waste as well as the number of boxes going to landfills for a greener tomorrow.  These are some boxes we packed last summer helping a senior client prepare to move to a local Bucks County retirement community.  





Before...                           and After De-cluttering







Here are before and after pictures of a basement pantry that we recently purged.  While de-cluttering an area like this we break everything down into our keep, donate, discard, recycle and sell piles before moving different items in numerous directions.  In this particular situation there was very little of value but we did find a few kitchen-related items worthy of donation.   


Monthly Tip: Toss it or donate it?

Here is a listing of items most donation centers will not take.  Most charitable organizations that we work with generate revenue from sales of items at their retail gift/thrift shops.  I am frequently asked will any particular organization take "this"?  The most common items that are not accepted include:


  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Sofas or other upholstered furniture that show any signs of wear – rips, tears, stains, etc.
  • TVs older than 5 years
  • Printers, fax machines and other obsolete electronics
  • Baby car seats and cribs
  • Particle/fiber board furniture including desks, tables, cabinets, bookshelves, etc.
  • Spas/hot tubs
  • Encyclopedias, textbooks, work related manuals
  • Gas grills, kerosene heaters, propane tanks, used paint cans and other hazardous waste items
  • Skis, boots and poles
  • Typewriters

What’s it Worth?

Pair of 1953 Desotos Needing Major Restoration – From time to time we have clients that have an old car or two that has not moved from their property for many years.  We do our best to help find them a new home and in this case keep them from going to the crusher.  Here are a couple of 1953 Desotos in # 5/6 condition – needing total restoration - with an estimated as is value of $1275.00 each according to a popular online price guide.  These are less desirable four doors but still very cool cruisers from this era.  Not all old classic cars are worth big money and just like with most antiques, condition is everything.





05-14-2015 11:43:49 AM EST

How We Stay Green: Carter’s Properly Recycles Electronics

Carters Home Downsizing Recycles ElectronicsOne category of waste that creates a challenge for many people is obsolete or broken electronics.  As of January 2013 Pennsylvania law states that electronics may no longer be left curbside for trash collections and must be recycled separately.  Most municipalities have an electronics disposal event several times a year.  Check your local municipality's online calendar for these dates so you can do your part to keep our environment safe.  If you are unable to participate in these events and need help removing and hauling this type of waste please contact us for assistance.




Fun Finds

Carters Home Downsizing Old Historical Newspapers"Nixon Resigns" Newspaper – Here’s one to file under historically important, but of little value – A quick search of completed auctions on ebay found several of these newspapers unsold with a couple of sales at $4.99 and $6.95 - not worth the time to list and ship but fun for a quick history lesson. 






Monthly Tip: Staging a Home

Carters Home Downsizing Staging a HomeStaging a home can help significantly reduce the time a house is on the market.  Leaving behind some better pieces of furniture for this purpose is always helpful. Many people do not have the imagination to envision what an empty house would look like furnished, so let your creativity show them. The more pleasing to the eye the better & keep it clutter free. A few choice pieces of furniture nicely arranged with a few accent pieces can make all the difference in the world. 





What’s it Worth?

Carters Home Downsizing 1965 Gibson guitar1965 Gibson SG Electric Guitar – Italy $2000.00 to $5000.00 – Keep an eye out for old for old guitars especially with names like Gibson, Fender and Martin.  There may be one or more in your parent’s attic or basement!  There is a huge secondary market for vintage instruments especially guitars.  Prices on older guitars can vary significantly depending on make and model as well as actual playing condition and originality.







04-16-2015 8:14:08 AM EST

How We Stay Green: Recycling Vases to Florists

We frequently work with clients that have an abundance of vases and baskets from old floral arrangements they received as gifts. 
Many florists are happy to take your baskets and vases and will repurpose them instead of throwing them out or recycling them. 





Monthly Tip: Great Items to Give Away

Think of items you can give away to friends and neighbors that you may no longer need or have an excess of like garden tools, pictures and prints, cleaning products and kitchenware. 

There are also organizations like the Bucks County Agency on Aging that can use items such as soaps, toothpaste, lotions and shampoos that are still unused and packaged. 




What's It Worth?



1950’s/60’s Tin Advertising Soda Signs – Value Range $100.00 - $200.00





Friends of Carter's: Don't Toss It®

We are big supporters of Don't Toss It® - a locally owned and operatied creative reuse marketplace, boutique and gallery located in Lambertville, NJ. 

They provide affordable materials to artists and the community that were collected or donated in an effort to keep them out of landfills and encourage creative expression in the arts. In the boutique, they sell the works of artists who breathe new life and expression into everyday discards. They also feature a rotating, repurposed art gallery – curated to inspire.

Prior to having a physical location, Don't Toss It launched an online store – ArtfullyReimagined.com – featuring eco-friendly collections of fine furnishings, art, décor, clothing, jewelry and more repurposed by artists in the United States. ArtflulyReimagined.com continues as their online showcase.

Don’t Toss It® and ArtfullyReimagined.com are owned and operated by Don’t Toss It LLC.

204 N. Union Street, Lower Level
Lambertville, NJ 08530
on street parking & parking lot
in rear of building

Wednesday through Saturday 11–5
Sunday 11–3
Closed holidays

Phone: 609-397-3030




03-22-2015 7:28:28 AM EST

How We Stay Green: Carter's Properly Disposes of Hazmats

One category of waste that can be a challenge for many people to handle is hazardous materials.  Most municipalities have a hazardous waste disposal event several times a year.  Check your local municipality's online calendar for these days so you can do your part to keep our environment safe.  Please contact Carter’s at 215-794-8585 or ccesales@comcast.net if you need assistance with your hazardous waste disposal project.





Monthly Tip: Clear the Closets!

If you are anything like my wife  –  clothes seem to multiply faster than bunnies. We always recommend trying to follow the old rule of: when bringing a new piece in get rid of an old. This is not always a simple rule to follow and when trying to de-clutter, clothes can create an overwhelming task for a “closet hoarder”. However, it can also become a fun project of shopping in one’s own closet.

The first step when clearing out the closet is to find a large work area - like the top of the bed. We recommend having large trash bags on hand for donations and items you are discarding.  Clear plastic totes should be used for the items you are keeping.  We also recommend a thick sharpie marker and labels or heavy stock paper for organizing your clear bins when done.

If you are preparing for a move we recommend creating three areas:

Keep, Donate, Trash.

If you are staying in your home and simply downsizing you can create four areas:

Keep, Donate, Consign, Trash

Next – bring on the clothes! You should have a full length mirror on hand for this project. There are items that you will want to try on to make a decision. A brutally honest friend is also helpful to help you let go of the dress, pants, sweaters you love that are really three sizes too small or just plain ugly.

Piece by piece begin sorting the clothes into the areas you have designated. If you will be storing items this may become a two-step process in which you will later sort through the keep items and place them in labeled bins. We recommend the clear plastic totes with lids so you can label them for easy recognition when you are doing seasonal closet swaps.  Although this project may seem daunting it can also be fun as you discover forgotten items and just plain laugh at those that you chose to keep – that ski parka from the 80’s – Really???? Keep that good friend around to help you stay focused and give you a reality check when nostalgia kicks in too heavily.

Once you are done sorting pick a favorite charity to donate the clothes to and find a consignment shop for the items you wish to sell. When choosing items to consign make sure that they are truly quality items and are clean and free of any defects. This will make the consigning experience worthwhile – otherwise it is just not be worth the time.

For the items you keep try this trick – when hanging things back in the closet reverse the hangers. When you wear an item rehang it with the hanger facing the right direction. At the end of a season you will see what you truly wear. What is left can make it into another round of donations.


What's It Worth?


1950's Porcelain Cat - Italy $50.00 to $100.00




Trusted Referal Partners: Mooney's Movers

Carter’s frequently works with the clients of our trusted referral partners Mooney’s Movers.  We help these folks sort, purge and de-clutter their homes prior to their big moves saving time, stress and often moving costs by avoiding moving items that are truly not needed when they are downsizing.  Attached you will find a very helpful moving checklist you may refer to while getting ready for your actual move date.  Be sure to call us with any home downsizing needs a few months beforehand. 

Steven DeSteffano (4th Generation Owner)

Mooney's Relocation Specialist
33 Bon Air Drive Warminster, PA 18974
Agent for: Stevens Worldwide Van LInes
Ph: (215) 884-3280




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How We Stay Green

Carters HomeDownsizing How We Stay GreenWe take pride in making sure many unwanted items from our clients are re-purposed or re-used. Here at Carter's we are big supporters of charities supporting animals. We frequently pass our client's extra towels, blankets and animal accessories that are in good condition to local organizations like the Bucks County SPCA and Animal Lifeline.









Monthly Tip: Purge the Pantry

One of the easiest tasks when de-cluttering a home is to tackle the pantry. We generally recommend starting a home de-cluttering project in the kitchen as it is a quick area in which to see great results and one where there is generally little emotional attachment to things.

When purging the pantry create four areas for the following: Keep, Donate, Discard & Relocate.

Make sure you read all of the labels and throw away those expired items of food!

Place items that are not your everyday staples into the donation box – are you really going to make that bag of beans soup that has been sitting on the shelf for two years? Remember, this project is to downsize. Do not keep anything that is excess with the hope or thought of someday using it.

Some items in the pantry just need a new home. For example: the large bag of dog food - it can live in the garage or can be poured into a trash bin with a lid to keep the pantry neater. We like to use the stainless steel cans with the pop-up lids.

When you are done with your sorting you should be left with a reasonable amount of useful items that can either be neatly re-arranged into your space or placed into boxes for your upcoming move. Try to keep only those items that you truly use. You will be amazed at how good it feels when you see the results and have a fresh start.

Carter's First Radio Show 


Court made his first radio appearance with Paul Rosso of the Real Estate Today Show on WWDB 860 AM on February 15th to discuss his home downsizing business and offer Ten Home Downsizing Tips. Click here to listen to the recording of the program. 






What's It Worth? 

 Figural Art Nouveau Inkwell

 Value Range: $250 - $400








12-28-2014 7:33:29 AM EST

How We Stay Green

We are big believers in keeping things out of the landfills for a cleaner greener tomorrow. Many folks are not aware of the damage that can be done by improperly discarding old medications by putting them in the trash or flushing them down the toilet. Improper disposal of drugs can contaminate the water supply affecting not only humans, but also animals and crops. Many local police stations offer secure drop off locations for unused medication. Contact your local municipality to find out where they are.



Before and After

Our de-cluttering services benefit our clients as well as our Realtor colleagues. A few examples of our work are shown in the video (click here or on the image). A home’s resale value can be increased through our services where we purge all areas of the house in preparation for it to be listed. We also network with staging companies as well as home improvement contractors who can help to make a home ready for sale.




What's It Worth?

1969 Impala SS 427 Convertible Promo Car

Value Range $125 to $175





Monthly Tip

Grab a camera and let’s go digital. Many clients have a hard time letting go of memorabilia that has accumulated over the years. One of the most time consuming and difficult things for clients to let go of are the representations of these memories.  This includes items from their lives, that of their parents and their children including artwork, college memorabilia, old family photos and even clothes or trophies. In today’s age of technology it is easy to keep these memories alive by creating digital images. There are numerous websites available that make it possible to turn these images into wonderful books and/or cd’s that include old pictures, movies and videos. This way memories can be stored in enjoyable, easily accessible formats.